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Postal & Shipping Services by Max  |  Nellis Boulevard & Sahara  |  Las Vegas, NV  |  702-431-3333  |  Fax: 702-431-2595
Postal & Shipping Services by Max  |  Maryland Parkway & Sahara  |  Las Vegas, NV  |  702-650-2222  |  Fax: 702-733-7497

Las Vegas Locations

Shipping and Recieving

Las Vegas Mailbox Rentals & Services

  • A private address with all the advantages of home.
  • Pickup packages and mail at YOUR convenience.
  • Receive packages at your secure mailbox address.
  • Call ahead to confirm the receipt of packages or mail.
  • Received from all carriers - UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and USPS.

Interested in enjoying the benefits?

Postal & Shipping Service by Max
We Package, Send, Receive, and Forward
Las Vegas Mail Forwarding Service

Mail Forwarding

  • Receive faxes for forwarding to your address.
  • Selective forwarding - get only the mail you want.
  • Receive mail from your box anywhere in the world.

Establish a private street address for:

  • Travelers and RV Vacationers.
  • Traveling professionals who enjoy tax free Nevada.
  • Out of State Corporations (including Resident Agents).
  • Business owners with multiple locations in the U.S. and abroad.
Our Clients Circle the Globe

Supplies and Packing Materials

  • Packing services available.
  • We are experts at handling fragile items.
  • Drop off your items - we wrap and ship for you!
  • We have the supplies ready when you need them.
  • Complete line of boxes, bubble wrap, loose fill, tape , envelopes, labels & more.
Packaging Materials Las Vegas
Full Service Pack & Ship